Mapecem Quickpatch 10lb

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Mapecem Quickpatch is a high-performance, fast-setting, cementitious material used for the patching of
concrete surfaces. This product features a very low emission of volatile organic compounds and includes an
offset of greenhouse gas emissions.
Mapecem Quickpatch is part of the “CO Fully Offset in the Entire Life Cycle” line of products. CO emissions
measured throughout the life cycle of products from the Zero line in 2023, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
methodology, verified and certified with EPDs, have been offset through the acquisition of third-party-certified
carbon credits in support of renewable energy and forestry protection projects: A commitment to the planet, to
people and to biodiversity. For more details on how emissions are calculated and on climate-mitigation
projects that are financed through certified carbon credits, visit
▪ Natural gray to blend with existing concrete
▪ Ease of placement, with variable water ratios
▪ Mapecem Quickpatch can be applied from 1/16" to 1-1/2" (1.5 mm to 3.8 cm) neat and from 1-1/2" to 3" (3.8 to
7.5 cm) neat in areas no larger than 24 sq. ft. (2.23 m ). Larger areas will require Mapecem Quickpatch to be

▪ Mapecem Quickpatch can be primed and covered with a leveler, a cement-based overlay or a tile-setting
mortar in as little as 90 minutes, depending on temperatures.
▪ Moisture-controlling adhesives or moisture mitigation systems can be used over Mapecem Quickpatch in
as little as 16 hours.
▪ Floor coverings can be installed in as little as 16 hours after application, as long as the existing subfloor
meets the requirements of the mortars or adhesives used for installation.
▪ For patching of interior/exterior concrete surfaces
▪ For smoothing, including elevation changes by ramping