Ultraplan Extreme 2


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Weather-Resistant, High-Compressive-Strength, Self-Leveling Underlayment

Ultraplan Extreme 2 is an advanced, hydraulic-cement-based, self-leveling compound designed for fast-track underlayment applications. It is especially formulated for leveling interior, horizontal concrete surfaces where environmental controls are not operational or the building is not enclosed. Once installed, Ultraplan Extreme 2 is not affected by exposure to intermittent rain exposure after 6 hours or to freezing temperatures after 3 days of curing. Its high compressive strength is designed to allow it to be exposed to traffic as a temporary wear layer until the floor is covered with floor covering. Ultraplan Extreme 2 has no moisture vapor emission limitations and can be installed without testing on properly prepared concrete substrates. It is the self-leveling compound of choice for use under moisture-controlling adhesive systems and epoxy moisture barriers.